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Executives Member

E-mail: davidoliver26803@gmail.com

David-Oliver Barouh is 17 years old and he is a student of 1st high school of Kifisia , Athens, Greece .He has attended 8 conferences in the past, In RRSMUN as a chair in the DISEC committee, MILANMUN as a chair in the Disarmament committee,1MSKMUN2018-19-20 every year as a GA Secretary and in 2021 MSKMUNWEBEDITION as a GA Mentor, In ATSMUN as an ambassador and delegate in the LEGAL committee and in AMUN as a delegate and ambassador in the Disarmament committee. His opinion about MUN is: that he believes MUN is something that is going to change everyone’s lives. It changes the way students think and also helps them understand worldwide issues and see in what conditions people around the world live. He hopes that MUN is going to provide a full MUN experience and will help you adapt with a diplomatic ideals. Our conference is going to help you understand worldwide problems and the conditions that the LDC face. MSKMUN will provide you a fruitful knowledge. Finally David-Oliver wishes you best of luck on this conference!