Kyriakos is a senior high school student at Lyceum of Psychiko, who is currently getting ready for university.
His first MUN conference was in 2018 and it was the starting point for him to attend various international high-school and university level MUN conferences around the world both as a delegate and as a chair. Furthermore, he was part of the team that represented his region on the EUROSCOLA program, where he «became» a Member of the European Parliament for one day. He considers himself very lucky that through a conference he had the chance to enter twice the United Nations Headquarters and have a seat inside the General Assembly.
As far as our conference is concerned, he was the chair of SOCHUM on the second edition of our conference and a member of the General Assembly on the third one.
During the conference, his main goal is to ensure that the Rules of Procedure are strictly enforced so that a high-quality debate takes place and the conference as a whole, while making the conference a welcoming environment to newcomers who have just entered the world of the United Nations and debating. He is really looking forward to meeting all of you in Kifissia.