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Evangellia-Efraimia (Evelyn) Amaxopoulou
President of the General Assembly


Evelyn is attending the 3rd grade of high school at the Greek-French School Saint Joseph. She can speak Greek (maternal), English (Expert, Proficiency Dec/2017) and Frech (Expert, Dalf C2 May/2019). She has participated in 4 MUN conferences, one in London (RRSIMUN 2018), one in Hague (MFNU 2019), where she was honored with the acceptance of her proposals by the General Assembly and submittal to the United Nations, and two in Kifisia (MSKMUN 2020, where she was chairing the Security Council and MSKMUN 2021 web edition, where she took on the duties of the Secretary General).
Her participation in different projects and questions demonstrate that she is capable of focusing on different work thematics and able to work, collaboratively and individually, within set guidelines.
She thinks of comprehension of great world problems, taking place in a professional environment, as a priority. She is looking forward to working with the MSKMUN team, as the General Assembly President, and she prosmises to help resolve any issue that may occur during the conference.