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Anna Papacharisi

Executive Member

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Anna Papacharisi has been one of the executive members of MSKMUN since 2019. She is born on 03/24/2002 and her first experience was in London at Royal Russel MUN, 2016, as a delegate in environmental committee and main submitter of resolutions. Since then, she participated in ATSMUN as a delegate of Qatar in the League of Arab States Committee (2017), in MSKMUN represeding U.S.A. in the Security Council Committee (2018) and in MSKMUN as a chair in the SOCHUM Committe. She was a member of social events team in MSKMUN (2018-2019) too. She has excellent knowledge of English language and good of the German language. She has proof of organizational and leadership skills. She has a deep knowledge and experience about the importance of teamwork as a basketball player since 2012, in team participating in municipality league.