E-mail : konmich26@hotmail.com

Executive member
I am a senior at high school, and I wish to study computer engineering and computer science at university. I attended my very first MUN at the age of 13 and have since been to other 3, chairing DISARNMAMENT at MILANMUN 2017 and been an executive member of MSKMUN 2018. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I was unable to attend MSKMUN 2020 but this year as an executive I am going to make sure to make up for my last year’s unattendance. I am looking forward to making this MSKMUN 2021 an unforgettable experience to all delegates, while simultaneously make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible to new delegates, who are new to the game. By the end of the conference I expect all delegates to overcome their fears and be confident while speaking at big crowds and the most important thing, everyone to have fun.