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Nikos Christodoulou : President of the General Assembly
This calm and modest teenager is called Nikos. Nikos is 18 years old and is in his final year in high school. He is in the humanitarian studies, while regarding future, he wants to work in the diplomatic corp and do what he loves and what the MUN is all about professionally. And speaking of MUN, Nikos has participated 3 consecutive years in MUN conferences, and more specifically all 3 in the MSKMUN. He served 2 years in the position of a delegate, in the historical crisis committee and in the security council, as well as 1 year in the position of a chair in the historical crisis committee. This year he holds the position of Secretary General for the first time and has as his sole purpose the smooth conduct of the conference and to give participants the opportunity to see the beauty of diplomacy, the chance to get informed about international matters and, of course, make new and powerful friendships. But most importantly, he aims for the conference to be the ‘treasure’ where each and every participant finds new and unique experiences.